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True Tilt Quick-Tach

 True Tilt Quick Tach - Add on Underlift Attachment

True Tilt Underlift

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True Tilt Underlift Specs

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Add on Underlifts and Attachments

Triple K Industries specializes in all types of Add on Underlifts, Add on Underlifts and Attachments, 5th Wheel Add on Underlift, Add on Underlift Experts, and Add on 5th Wheel Towing Underlifts. Contact us today if you have any questions. Thanks!

What is an under lift attachment?


Underlift attachment What is an under lift attachment? An under lift attachment is quite a popular addition to any good tow truck fleet, as it can be easily added on to existing tow trucks. An under lift attachment is a specialized piece of equipment which allows your tow trucks to tow even the heaviest equipment and machinery.


Towing Systems for Tow Trucks


Towing Systems for Tow Trucks What types of underlift towing systems are available for tow trucks? When choosing towing systems for tow trucks, there are several different options. These range from super heavy duty systems that can lift and tow even the heaviest equipment to smaller models that are intended for lighter work. Our towing systems for tow trucks experts at Triple K Industries Underlift offer a Towing Underlift system that has the capability of towing other large size trucks and vehicles as well as heavy machines such as fire...


5th wheel tow lift


5th wheel tow lift 5 th wheel tow lifts can be a real life saver! If you are looking for an amazing 5 th wheel tow lift that will allow you to take absolutely any tow job that comes along, regardless of the weight or the size of the project, look no further than Triple K Industries Underlift 5 th Wheel Tow Lift! With our top of the line design and construction, you can rely on our 5 th wheel tow lift to get the job done safely, easily, and reliably.


Underlift attachment for tow trucks


Underlift attachment for tow trucks Reliable Underlift Attachments for towing and tow trucks When looking for an underlift attachment for tow trucks, it is important to be certain that the underlift you get is heavy duty and sturdy enough to withstand the hard work you will be putting on it. A cheap, badly made underlift attachment for tow trucks can damage your truck or your client’s vehicle, leading to high costs, hassle, and a disgruntled client.  


Towing Underlift for 5th wheeler


Towing Underlift for a 5th wheeler If you are looking for the best quality in the industry on a towing underlift for a 5 th wheeler, you have come to the right place at Triple K Industries Underlift! Our top-quality towing underlift for a 5 th wheeler is called the True Tilt Quick Tach Heavy Duty Tow Truck Under Lift, and it is constructed with heavy-duty 100k lb steel in the boom and the tongue, and has a maximum weight rating of 45k lbs when fully retracted.


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